Adventure Psychology is the study of how adventurous experiences shape personality traits and abilities that maximise adaptation to new or changing environments, coping with adversity (resilience), and promote psychological and social development. Key traits and abilities thought to be important include: risk-judgment and a capacity for risk-taking, emotional self-management, problem identification and analysis, physical and social problem solving, psychological hardiness, goal focus, resilient motivational sets, optimism, capacity to learn from failure and feedback from the environment, among others.
Adventuretherapy is a form of individual or group counselling that seeks to assist people in exploring thoughts, feelings, ideas and activities within an environment that is controlled and therefore perceived as safe. Therapy of this type has proven helpful in overcoming self-esteem issues, various types of social phobia, and in assisting patients to adjust to new life circumstances. The ultimate goal of adventuretherapy is to help the patient expand his or her worldview and embrace all the possibilities that are currently open and available.
In order to accomplish this goal, adventuretherapy can take on many different forms. For people who find themselves limited by phobias, the therapy can often take the form of games designed to explore the underlying causes of the phobia and begin to defuse them. At the same time, the therapeutic approach may also involve helping the patient to break free of older perceptions and begin to experience settings that are currently viewed as threatening as manageable and possibly even agreeable. Over time, the games or activities help to modify the way the phobic individual functions internally and externally, thus minimizing or even eliminating the phobia altogether.
Till date schools colleges and industries were exploring adventure sports, NOW PSYCHOLOGY along with ADVENTURE would be an added value to this.
You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation- Plato



Psychometric assessments to evaluate personality and internal strength weakness academic evaluation

Pre-post recording

Video recordings to assess the pre and post behaviour during public speaking as well during mock interview


Sessions are basically interactive with one to one in activities dialogue which removes their inhibition and connects with faculties.

Audio video

Video clips, audio practice and international programs to explore them globally.

Skits and games/activities

Extempore and develop stage daring , skits and games

Change management

 Change management games case studies to brainstorm.

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